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IN LIFE secures not only the Kayak & Canoe rental, but also two campsites at the Morava river in Litovel and Olomouc as well as many activities for friends & families

Our Kayak & Canoe rental IN LIFE Morava introduce you the beuty of Morava river with several campsites along its flow. We offer to you two base campsites in Litovel and Olomouc. We also provide all the detailed information about all the campsites and restaurants along the Morava river flow. Simple campsites and campgrounds are within reasonable distances from each other and are slowly beginning to improve their services. At the same time, however, the river is not crowded and you will enjoy privacy and romance, which you will no longer find on some other Czech rivers.


There is 10 IN LIFE POINTS at the river, which means a network of boarding and finishing points on the Morava River, where you can pick up or return your kayak & canoe and equipment. You only pay for the rented material. IN LIFE rental provides daily delivery of canoe, kayaks, rafts and all equipment as needed to individual POINTS. The individual POINTS are distributed on the river so that you can make the most of the entire river from a day trip to a week-long cruise. In addition, each POINT also offers a campsite and the opportunity to refresh yourself.




There is one of our two IN LIFE base camps based in Litovel (our base campsites are Litovel and Olomouc). Litovel campsite is placed at the river Morava and the bike road. The campsite is suitable for the couples, friends as well as for families with kids.


There is drinking water, fireplace, internet connection, toilet, shower, hairdryer, washing machine in the camp. In the vicinity of the camp there is a pleasant pub, where it is possible to eat and refresh yourself, for example with a wonderful Litovel beer. 400m from the camp is a bus and train station, city center 700m.

From 26.6. 2020 we have CHALLETS available, new wooden residential containers for 2, 4 and 6 people.

In addition, we modified the entire appearance of the camp, partially fenced the new ones, modified the caravan park and expanded the area for tents.

Kayak, canoes, rafts and other complete equipment can be rented directly at the campsite. It is possible to rent scooters, even for children, for great trips around the area. If you get a little tired you can taste the local Litovel beer in the camp pub.

In the area you will find the headquarters of the IN LIFE Morava Rental, boat rental.

Now you can also book a challet or a place for a caravan and a VIP place for a tent in the fenced part of the camp ON LINE - see the reservation system & price list:




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